Children's Museum

Explorations V Children's Museum - 3h 40Min

Explorations V Children ’ s

This museum offers three floors of pure entertainment, very interactive and entertaining also for parents and proposed for children to connect through the learning and fun. It is a great place for child awaken your imagination, Explorations V Children ’ s.

The name of the Museum have a V?


In Roman numerals V is 5, and symbolizes the five senses, that is filled with fun, Museum with exhibitions of art and science, and adapted to the small programs, the exhibitions are aimed at children who have begun to see the world through their eyes of child.


You want to be Mayor?

News anchor Here is the chance of your child to transmit the news in a string of American television, or create a tropical weather forecast in front of the weather map, or also be camera operator.

Adventurer Your little adventurer can jump behind the wheel of a car patrol sheriff, pilot of a plane, jump in a hot air balloon, explore the ocean in a boat, or even surf the Galaxy on a NASA shuttle.

Actor Children with a natural predisposition the interpretation without fear to show its ability in singing, the dance or on stage, the other observers becomes crazy.